Simon and the Soggy Boxes (Softcover)


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“Simon and the Soggy Boxes”, was conceived by Jordan Hanamann in 1998, when he was just in second grade. Jordan drew out the entore story while sitting alongside his mom Janet, as she worked at her drafting table. One of his original drawing is shown on the back cover. Impressed by his creativity, his mom enlisted the help of his then 13 year old sister, ┬áJessica, to write the story. Jessica’s talent for poetry resulted in a swee whimsical story of worry and adventure, with a surprise ending. Janet completed the story with the final illustrations. The story is not edited and appears the same as it did in 1998, since it was written by kids for kids. However, this second edition has a fresh look for Simon and Lily the little fish, as well as new backgrounds. Dedicated to family and true teamwork, they hope that you enjoy the enjoy the story as much as they did creating it all those years ago.